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You guessed it … we love old people :)

And, we’re happy you do too. We’ve been in long-term care for years and we share our passion in a this unique way that makes everyone smile. Our customers buy our shirts for many reasons:

- to build employee morale
- to celebrate during nurses, CNA, nursing home week
- to stand out at recruiting events and job fairs

The great thing about our shirts is that everyone can immediately identify with them and they bring a smile to everyone’s faces. And, here’s a secret … for orders of 30 shirts or more, we can customize what it is you love:

  • I love … Evergreen Manor
  • I love … My Administrator
  • I love … My DNS
  • I love … Nurse Consultants

Thank you for your business! For custom designs, out-of-stock items, questions, or comments, email us at: iloveoldpeople@me.com